PIONEER INTERIOR PROJECTS PVT. LTD. We have started Fire Division in year 2021, providing Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Fire Protection and Fire Safety Solution for our Commercial, IT Parks, Educational Institutes, Pharma, Chemical, Factory and Industries, Warehouse, Food Processing, Hotels, Mall and Multiplex, Hospitals, SEZ/SRZ. We have contributed our services as a leader in the industry over a decade and known to be in the market as design school.

We Stop Fire in our strength of proficient team are backed by experience of our in-house Design & Execution team and Project Managers, Engineers are rich in experience in Turnkey Interior designing, Planning, Procurement, Project execution service for Fire Hydrants – Sprinklers, Fire Alarm Systems, Novac / Gas Suppression, water curtain works in under ONE point contact.

We strictly follow as per NBC, OSHA, NFPA, ASME and FM Global Standards, we understand the clients requirement bases we provide turnkey solutions.


We commit to prevent and suppress destructive fires, investigate its causes; Enforce Fire Code and other related laws; respond to man-made and natural disasters and other emergencies. Growing engineering organization dedicated to excellence through quality, creating value for customers, employees through innovation technology and operational expertise. We are technology driven company at our core with an overriding commitment to quality and our primary measures of success are customers’ satisfaction and shareholders value. It is our strategic vision to conduct business with highest standard of ethics as we always believe “Honesty and Integrity”.


Customer satisfaction is the highest priority. The company will make every effort to deliver the highest quality products and services in business. The company will develop new strategies and plans based on customer driven philosophy for gaining competitive advantage, needed to meet the business objectives. Customers and employees input will be actively sought and strategically used for continuous improvement of quality and to fulfill ongoing customer needs. Strive to deal with our customers in an open and transparent manner. Continual improvement of “Processes, products, services and people” will be the norm in our business.


Whether you have an existing fire risk assessment in place or not. We can help it is essential that you keep the assessment under the review and revise it whether necessary. To ensure this, the following aspects are highly taken into consideration during auditing


  • Fire hazard identification
  • Fire risk assessment
  • Firefighting system
  • Fire detection and alarm system
  • Sprinkler system
  • Internal and external fire hydrant system
  • Gas suppression system
  • Fire pump house
  • Fixed fire suppression system
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Passive fire protection
  • Emergency management and life safety system

Fire Extinguishers
Passive Fire Protection
Life Safety
Fire Hazard Identification
Fire Detection And Alram System
Fire Suppression Systems

PIPPL is leading the way with active fire protection systems that help limit the spread of fire and damage to buildings, machinery and people. Reduce the chances of fire damage, risk and business interruption with state-of-the-art fire protection systems. Our integrated solutions help our clients meet or exceed their local and international fire codes or standards. We procure, install and the maintain the most advanced fire detection, suppression and protection systems.


  • Fire Pump Rooms
  • Automatic Sprinkler System
  • Hydrant System
  • Fire Suppression System
  • Fire Extinguishers and Signage’s
  • Automatic Fire Alarm Systems
  • Public Address and voice alarm systems

Maintenance Activities (Refilling and Serving) of Clean Agent Systems (HFC 227 ea (FM200) /Novec 1230 / Inergen (IG01/IG55/IG541/IG100): Hydrostatic testing/valve Servicing/Refilling of all the Brand of clean agent Cylinders in India i.e. Kidde Fenwal/Ansul/LPG/ Chemetron /Fike/Fire Trace etc as we have customised supports for spares for all the Clean Agent brands spare parts sold across INDIA.

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for firefighting equipment’s. Fire Extinguisher AMC in Mumbai and all over India. There are many different types of fire safety equipment. Each device is designed specifically to deal with the different classes of fire in a range of environments.

Fire Alarm Repairing Service to the clients. Fire Alarm Repairing Service is implemented by highly trained professionals using advanced equipment to meet the clients’ needs. This service is acknowledged assured for high flexibility and quality. We also bound implement this service in a time manner. Offered service is very much important and is helps to provide safety and security to the building infrastructure.
Aspiration Smoke Detection System

  • Very early warning aspiration smoke detection system UL, ULC, ULR, FM, LPCB, Vds, CFE, EN54-2-, CE Approved Aspiration Smoke detection System immune to dust and nuisance alarms.
  • Wide sensitivity, 4 configurable Alarms levels, cross zoning and modular design are some of the features of this products.
  • Vesdanet and Auto learn are patented technologies of our panels.
  • Alarm Sensitivity range of 0.005% - 20% Obscuration Airflow supervisor per sampling pipe and upto seven programming says.
  • Can connect to multiple panels to BMS through Vesdanet interface for monitoring and supervision.
  • Solution available for small rack based applications to full size server rooms/data centers.

FIRE Linear Heat Detection cum Fire Suppression Systems are manufactured in two versions:

  • Direct Low Pressure System
  • Indirect Low Pressure System
Use of each version is determined by the type and size of the enclosure.

This system is referred to as direct, which means that the activation and distribution of the clean agent (HFC227ea, HFC236fa & FK-5-1-12) is secured by the detection tube.

The fire suppression system operates by detecting fire and applying the agent using a detection tube connected to the cylinder valve. The detection tube is placed in the protected enclosure and is under constant pressure.

In case of fire the detection tube degrades by the effect of fire or high temperature. When the detection tube is disrupted, the agent is released through the created hole. The detection system is independent of any electrical supply and operates solely on physical principles. The direct system is suitable for smaller applications and combines easy installation with simple operation.
FIRE Automatic Co2 Tubing System (Facts)